The European Women’s Lobby (EWL)

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is the largest umbrella organisation of women’s associations in the European Union (EU), working to promote women’s rights and equality between women and men. The Swedish Women’s Lobby is the Swedish National Coordination of the EWL.

The EWL’s mission is to promote real and effective equality between women and men, in all spheres of public and private life, across the EU. They also provide a link between political decision making and the European women’s organisations. The President of EWL is Edith Schratzberger Vesci from the Austrian organization the Medical Women’s International Association. 

EWL membership extends to organisations in all 28 EU member states and the three candidate countries, as well as 20 European-wide bodies, representing a total of more than 2000 organisations. 

The EWL works through democratic processes with its members for the mainstreaming and monitoring of gender equality and a women’s rights perspective in all areas of European Union policy and for the achievement of parity democracy at all levels and in all areas. 

Their work is founded on a vision of a peaceful and democratic European Union built on a culture of respect for human rights, equality, peace and solidarity.

More information about the EWL can be found at their website.


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