“Follow the Money!” is a material containing methods for analyzing budgets and policies from a gender equality perspective. With this material, The Swedish Women’s Lobby wish to encourage people and organizations to review how resources are distributed between women and men, and to push for gender equality!

Follow the Money! is intended to serve as a tool and support for analyzing budgets and steering documents from a gender equality perspective. By following the money and analyzing a budget’s differing impacts on men and women, politicians and decision makers can be held accountable.

The material is designed to be used by individuals and non-governmental organizations, but it is also useful for political representatives and officials involved in budget processes.
The digital material can be found here: Follow the Money!

Do you want the material in print? Contact us: info@sverigeskvinnolobby.se.


Do you want support analyzing budgets and other steering documents from a gender equality perspective? Do you wish to learn more about our methods? The Swedish Women’s Lobby offers analyzes, trainings, workshops and other support in the work with gender mainstreaming. Contact: info@sverigeskvinnolobby.se for more information.

The Swedish Women’s Lobby also do annual analyzes of the state budget bill from a gender equality perspective. More information can be found here.