Today, the 14th February marks the day of the launch of the campaign One Billion Rising – the biggest mass action to end violence against women in human history.

The statistics show that one out of three women worldwide will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. This adds up to 1 billion women and girls and the number is rising.

In 2012 the campaign One Billion Rising was launched by the global movement V-day to demand an ending of all violence against girls and women. One Billion Rising is a force for a safe and secure society without violence.

Every year in February, people all over the world gather outside courts, police stations, work places, churches, home etc. to highlight this global problem. We are raising our voices in solidarity with women’s organisations’ and activists across the world committed to ending all forms of violence and exploitation of women and girls.

This year’s theme is solidarity and the leading words are rise, resist and unite. The focus is to rise against all forms of violence against girls and women. But also against the systems that causes other forms of violence such as imperialism, fascism, racism, capitalism and neo-liberalism.

More information about One Billion Rising can be found here.