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The current pay gap between women and men in Sweden is 12 %. This means that women work unpaid after 16:02 (4:02 pm) every day, calculated on a working day from 8 to 5. Men on the other hand get paid for their entire working day. 

The 16:02-movement is a coalition of organisations from the women’s movement, political women’s associations and trade unions, working together to put pressure on the government and employers to reach gender equal salaries.

The campaign was initiated by the Swedish Women’s Lobby ahead of the International Women’s Day in 2012. Since then, the pay gap has decreased with a total of eleven minutes. We have moved from 15:51 to 16:02. With this pace, it will take 32 years (year 2050) to fully close the gap. The aim of the 16:02-movement is to make it happen sooner, and we will exist until women get Pay All Day (8 am-5 pm)!

want to join the Campaign?

Each year at the International Women’s Day, March 8th, we share our common message in social media:  “After 16:02 (4:02 pm) women work for free – every day. It is time for #PayAllDay!”. 

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  • Equal pay for equal work
  • That women get paid all day

OUR DEMANDS to get there

The organisations of the 16:02-movement agree that women’s work and women-dominated professions are consistently less valued throughout the entire labor market. The pay gap is created structurally and it must therefore be eliminated by structural reforms.

We have four demands:

  1. Gender equal parental leave
  2. The same right to full time jobs and secure forms of employment
  3. Sharpened supervision of the Discrimination Act, including annual salary surveys
  4. That the structural wage gap between women and men are made visible and adjusted



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the coalition

We, the organisations that are a part of the collaboration, call ourselves the 16:02-movement. The Swedish Women’s Lobby is the initiator and coordinator of the campaign.

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The pay gap between women and men

Our campaign is based on statistics from the Swedish National Mediation Office, which is an authority under the Ministry of Employment. They are responsible for the public statistics on wages in Sweden, and analysing salaries from a gender equality perspective. Their study from 2017 shows that the wage gap between women and men in Sweden is 12 %.

Information on the pay gap between women and men in the European Union can be found here and at an international level here.


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