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The Swedish Women’s Lobby annually analyze the state budget bill from a gender equality perspective. The aim is to see how resources are divided between women and men, and to examine if the government lives up to its commitments on gender equality.

Gender equality is a question of power, opportunities and resource allocation. How are resources distributed? How much of the public resources go to women and men, girls and boys?

To answer questions about resource allocation the people behind the figures must be made visible. Budgets often claim to be gender neutral. But when aims and expenses are presented in a gender-blind way, there is a risk that more resources go to men and boys than to women and girls. The public resource allocation often favors men’s needs, activities and life styles before women’s.

Gender budgeting is the practise of analyzing public resources from a gender equality perspective. The Beijing Platform for Action, adopted at the 4th World Conference on Women, commits countries to have a gender equality perspective in all budget processes.

This means that gender equality should be mainstreamed in to all stages of the budget process; from the proposed allocation of resources to monitoring of reforms and the activities undertaken.

Gender budgeting is an effective tool to determine if the government’s gender equality ambitions have been translated into budgetary decisions. This way, politicians and decision makers can be held accountable for what has been achieved and what has not.

If budgets are not gender equal, resources should be redirected in order to get an even and fair distribution between women and men.

YEARLY ANALYSES of the state budget

The Swedish Women’s Lobby annually analyze the state budget bill from a gender equality perspective. The aim is to examine whether the government lives up to its commitments of gender mainstreaming, and to see how resources are divided between women and men. In our audits, we follow indicators of statistics divided by sex and do in-depth studies of the different spending areas. The focus of our analyses varies from year to year.

Please find our previous analyses below.

Follow the Money! – Methods for gender equality analyzes

The Swedish Women’s Lobby has also produced the material Follow the Money! with methods for analyzing budgets and policies from a gender equality perspective. The material is intended to serve as a tool to review how resources are distributed between women, and to encourage people and organizations to push for gender equality. By following the money and analyzing a budget’s differing impacts on men and women, politicians and decision makers can be held accountable.The material is designed to be used by individuals and non-governmental organizations, but it is also useful for political representatives and officials involved in budget processes.
The digital material can be found here: Follow the Money!

Do you want the material in print? Contact us: info@sverigeskvinnolobby.se.


Do you want support analyzing budgets and other steering documents from a gender equality perspective? Do you wish to learn more about or methods? The Swedish Women’s Lobby offer analyzes, trainings, workshops and other support in gender mainstreaming work. Contact: info@sverigeskvinnolobby.se for more information.