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The Swedish Women’s Lobby and the Swedish CEDAW network examines how Sweden lives up to its commitments under the CEDAW Convention. Our most recent shadow report contains 61 demands for achieving gender equality.

By ratifying CEDAW, the Swedish Government have committed to achieve women’s rights in all areas. Every four years, the Government write a report on what they have done to implement the Convention in Sweden to the UN CEDAW Committee.

Paralell to the official work with the CEDAW Convention the Swedish women’s movement produce a shadow report examining how well Sweden is living up to its commitments concerning women’s rights. The shadow report emphasize the areas that still need improvement and present strategies to better the equality between women and men. The CEDAW-network was established in 1998 and consists of some 20 organisations. The work is coordinated by the Swedish Women’s Lobby.

The latest shadow report was launched during the Gender Equality Days (Jämställdhetsdagarna) in Malmö in January and presented to the swedish Minister of Gender Equality Åsa Regnér.

– It is particularly urgent to increase women’s economic independence. Foreign-born women and older women are two groups that need to be prioritized. It is also urgent that the perpetrators of sexual abuse and violence are held accountable for their actions, said Clara Berglund, Secretary General of the Swedish Women’s Lobby at the launch of the report.

The shadow report has been sent to the UN CEDAW Committee for the review of Sweden which took place in Geneva on February 18th 2016. The Swedish Women’s Lobby and the Swedish CEDAW network participated at the review and presented our demands for measures to achieve gender equality.

The implementation of CEDAW must give all women, for example women with disabilities such as visual impairments, dyslexia or women with limited knowledge of the Swedish language, the opportunity to monitor their rights. Therefore the report has also been produced in an Easy-to-Read version (Swedish) as well as in Braille.

Operation 1325 has produced a short movie about CEDAW, see it here.

The Shadow Report

The shadow report in English.ENG skuggrapport framsida

The shadow report in Swedish.

The shadow report in Easy-to-Read Swedish.


The CEDAW Committé review of Sweden February 18, Geneva.

The Swedish Government’s 8th & 9th periodic reports on the implementation of CEDAW in Sweden.

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The report is given to Åsa Regnér, Minister of Gender Equality.