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One third of all sex purchases occur in connection to business trips abroad. The project Corporate Compass encourages corporations to implement ethical guidelines to counter sexual exploitation in protection of human rights as well as the protection of their employees.

Purchases of sex and sexual services is a criminal offense in Sweden since 1999. Prostitution and trafficking for sexual purposes is a severe hindrance for social equality and equality between men and women. The punishment for sex purchases is a fine or up to a year of imprisonment.

Rattriktning_LOGO_engHowever, the purchase of sexual services by a Swedish citizen is not illegal in countries where prostitution has not yet been criminalized and the Swedish law has no jurisdiction. Studies show that 80 % of all sex purchases occur abroad and a third of these during or in connection to business trips.

This project urges companies to ensure that sex purchases, visits to strips clubs and other forms of sexual exploitation does not occur during business trips. By implementing ethical guidelines against sex purchases and sexual exploitation, companies show that they respect and take an active part in safeguarding human rights. Ethical guidelines improve the work environment and reduce the risk of corruption, at the same time as it contributes to a more gender equal world.

For more information about the Swedish law on sex purchases, see “Targeting the Sex Buyer” published by the Swedish Institute. See also a summary in English of the Swedish government’s evaluation of the law on the prohibition of the purchase of sexual services, 1999-2008.

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