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The Swedish Women’s Lobby strongly opposes all forms of surrogacy motherhood. Our position is that surrogacy is trade with women’s bodies and children, as well as a threat to women’s basic human rights and bodily integrity.

The Swedish Women’s Lobby is, together with several other organizations, working on the campaign “Feminist no to surrogacy“. The campaign is politically and religiously independent and takes a strong standpoint against surrogacy on feminist grounds. 

The Swedish Women’s Lobby takes a strong stand against  all forms of surrogacy motherhood. We support the resolution adopted by the European Parliament in April 2011, stating that surrogacy is an exploitation of women’s bodies and reproductive organs. 

At the European Women’s Lobby’s General Assembly in 2013, the member organisations agreed to work against all forms of surrogacy motherhood.

Surrogacy is presently not legal in Sweden. However there is no legislation that regulates the trade. In 2016, a Swedish governmental commission presented a report in which they conclude that surrogacy should not in any form be legalized in Sweden (SOU 2016:11, see page 47 for an English abstract). 

In February 2018, the Swedish Deputy Minister of Justice Heléne Fritzon announced that the Swedish Government will not allow surrogacy within the Swedish healthcare system. The Swedish Women’s Lobby welcomes this decision which is an important step in the right direction. We urge the Swedish Government to go further and prevent Swedish citizens from entering surrogacy arrangements taking place abroad. Trading with women, children and pregnancies should never be allowed, no matter where it is taking place.