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The regional conference Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014 – New Action on Women’s Rights took place in Malmö June 12-15 2014. The forum had 30 000 visits with participants from more than 50 countries that manifested their common determination to improve women’s rights.

More than 400 seminars, workshops, talks, concerts and cultural events took place at Nordiskt Forum. The conference resulted in a final document with feminist agreements and demands directed towards the Nordic governments. We would like to direct a warm thank you to everyone who took part in making this historical meeting happen.

A video about Nordiskt Forum can be seen here:

Nordiskt Forum was a continuation of the previous regional conferences held in Oslo in 1988 and Turku in 1994. The Oslo and Turku conferencens were pre-sessions to the UN world conferences on women’s rights. At the last world conference, which was held in Beijing in 1995, the Beijing Platform for Action was adopted by the worlds governments. The countries that signed the twelve articles of the Action Plan made a commitment to implement CEDAW in their countries. The aim of Nordiskt Forum was to remind our Nordic governments of the commitments they made in Beijing in 1995.


feminist agreements and demands

During Nordiskt Forum, an action plan with requirements and recommendations for women’s rights and gender equality was adopted. The document was open for comments and contributions ahead of and at the forum. In the final document, we remind our governments of their absolute responsibility to act for all women’s full human rights. The Nordic women’s organizations hold our governments accountable, regardless of their political composition. This is our way of practicing resistance against all forms of discrimination and racism and opposing of women’s rights.

The Nordic women’s organizations wants everyone to use the final document to move the agenda forward so that all women can live a life free from fear and violence, where every woman owns her body and sexuality, and where every manifestation of discrimination finds resistance.

Final document ENGLISH

Final document SWEDISH

Final document FINNISH

Please contact us if you wish to order a printed copy of the document: info@sverigeskvinnolobby.se.


The Swedish Women’s Lobby held several events at the forum together with our member organizations. We discussed surrogacy motherhood, ethical guidelines against prostitution, equal pay, sexist advertising, individualized parental leave and much more. Many of the conversations were recorded and can be seen via our channel at Bambuser.



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