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Studies show that the majority of the writers at Wikipedia are men. Wikifem is a feminist initiative to make women visible at the common encyklopedia.

Women, women’s lives and women’s roles in the development of society are often left out in history books and encyclopedias. According to this survey, 91 % of the editors at Wikipedia are men and in some categories, such as geography and natural science, the number is even higher. There is every reason to start writing and thereby correcting the imbalance.

We_Can_EditWikifem is an initiative to create a common place for collective action by individual women.

Over the last few years Wikifem has, in collaboration with Wikimedia Sweden, arranged several meetups with the aim to engage women to write at Wikipedia. The meetups (so called edit-a-thons) have focused of different themes, such as women in natural science and the history of the women’s movement. You can find more information about the Wikimedia project here.

Do you want to join us?

Contact us at info@sverigeskvinnolobby.se for more information about Wikifem.