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Beijing Platform for Action

Beijing Platform for Action is an action plan on how to achieve the UN goals for equality, development and peace. The Beijing Platform for Action was adopted at the fourth World Conference on Women 4 – 15 th September 1995 by representatives for the 189 countries.

The Beijing Platform for Action includes six articles in which twelve critical areas of concern are defined. The twelve critical areas of concern outlines goals and actions that need to be taken by governments, the international community, NGO:s and the private sector in order to improve women’s conditions.

The action plan confirms governments undertaking actions to abolish all discrimination against women and to remove all obstacles that are hindering equality. The governments also recognize the need to incorporate an equality perspective in their actions and programs that highlights how the different prerequisites and roles of men and women should be considered.

The Beijing Platform for Action seeks to promote and protect the full enjoyment of all human rights and the fundamental freedoms of all women throughout all phases of life. The action plan further stresses the principle that men and women should share the power and responsibility at home, in the workplace and in the wider national and international communities.

The Beijing Platform for Action as a PDF

The Beijing Platform for Action on UN: s website

The Shadow report

Every five years governments are obliged to submit a report on how they have implemented The Beijing Platform for Action and how they have undertaken the actions that are necessary to ratify the action plan. The Swedish Women’s Lobby has, together with several member organizations, written shadow reports of the state reports. Learn more.

Study material about women’s rights

The Swedish Women’s Lobby has developed study material in Swedish about women’s rights that is used by both students and teachers in upper secondary school. A basic course in women’s rights deals with subjects like Economy, Work and equal pay, Environment and sustainable development, Migration and asylum, Peace and security and Media. The study material gives students the prerequisites to develop their knowledge about democracy and human rights, it also gives them a chance to explore how the economic, social and political aspects can affect both local and global events.

The study material is available for free in Swedish here.