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The Nordic Forum Malmö 2014 – New Action on Women’s Rights, arranged in Malmö 12 – 15th June 2014, had 30 000 visitors and participants from more than 50 countries. Together the participants and visitors manifested their determination to move forward the position of women’s rights.

During four days over 400 seminars, workshops, discussions, concerts and cultural events were arranged. The forum resulted in a final document with feminist demands and recommendations to the Nordic governments.

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The Nordic Forum was a continuation of the Nordic conference held in Oslo 1988 and Åbo 1994. These conferences were Nordic pre-conference meetings arranged before the UN World Conferences on women. The latest meeting, and the fourth World Conference on Women, was organized by the UN in Beijing 1995 which is when the Beijing Platform for Action was adopted. The governments that signed the action plan have made a commitment to realize The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The Nordic Forums program and discussions were all based on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and The Beiijing Platform for Action.

Feminist agreements and demands

During the Nordic Forum an action plan with demands and recommendations for women’s rights and equality was adopted. The document has been open for anyone who wants to suggest improvements or comment on it. In our final document we remind our governments of the commitments they made 1995. We strengthen the awareness of the absolute responsibility they have to act for women’s full enjoyment of human rights. The Nordic women’s organizations hold our governments responsible, no matter what their political composition. It is our way of practicing resistance against all forms of discrimination, racism and the step backs from democracy and women’s rights.

The Nordic countries’ governments were invited to the Nordic Forum to receive our demands face to face. The Nordic women’s organizations wish that all of them will use the final document to push for change towards an equal world; where no woman has to live in fear of violence, where every woman can own her own body and sexuality and where every manifestation of racism and discrimination is met with resistance.

The Final Document in Swedish

The Final Document in English

The Final Document in Finnish

A printed version of the final document is available in Swedish, English and in Braille. There’s also an audio version and sign language interpreted version. If you want to order any of these you can contact us on

You can also find a sign language interpreted version on Youtube.