Sveriges kvinnolobby SKL


As anti-feminist, nationalist and populist forces grow in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world, the women’s movement is an important counter-force. The Swedish Women’s Lobby strives for the women’s movement to be a strong, independent and broad movement that is characterized by participation and reflects the composition of women in society.

Our most important propositions:

  • Double support for women’s organization. Compared to other forms of organization, the women’s movement shares less money per active member. Although the organizations that are seeking support have increased, the funding has not been increased in ten years. We demand that the government expand and, in the long run, double its support for women’s organization.
    Introduce an own support for umbrella organizations. In order to avoid umbrella organizations competing with their member organizations for funds and to enable better support and representation of the member organizations, special support is required for umbrella organizations of women’s organizations.