Sveriges kvinnolobby SKL


The Swedish Women’s Lobby works to ensure that women have the same right and opportunity to be active citizens and influence the development of society as men. Sweden’s parliament since the 2018 elections consists of 53.9 percent men and 46.1 percent women. Our work to strengthen women’s power focuses primarily on the political influence of foreign-born women and on women’s influence in the business world.

Our most important propositions:

  • Introduce every other women all the way and every fifth foreign born lady. Since the mid-1990s, most parties turn their lists so that every other person on the ballot paper is a woman. In order to achieve equal influence, the parties must also ensure that the top name is more often a woman and take into account parameters other than sex. We suggest every other women’s 2.0 where every fifth lady should be born in a country other than Sweden.• Parties should work actively to strengthen the position of foreign-born women in their organizations. It is not enough to have equal lists, the parties must also ensure that the power in their own organizations is equally distributed. Party boards, executive committees and nomination committees must be designed in a way that reflects Sweden’s population.• Introduce gender quotas to corporate boards. The trend towards equal power in business is going too slowly. In 2017, 68 per cent of the members of Swedish listed companies were men and 32 per cent were women. We believe that companies that do not achieve at least 40 percent of women on their boards should be charged a fee.

    The government and the business community must work actively for women to become CEOs and chairman of the board. It is not enough for corporate boards to have an equal composition if the most significant items continue to be held by men. In 2017, 94 per cent of the stock companies’ directors were men. More active efforts to get more women to reach the highest positions in business.